Attunement Server’s Code

While the language we use today is a little different, this code, written over sixty years ago, offers an accurate introduction to our way of looking at spirituality, which is to say our relationship to the Divine, and our relationship to the world around us.


The Server’s Code

I pledge myself to remember:

Whereas I was made in the Image and Likeness of God, so also every man, woman and child whose life I may touch was made in the Image and Likeness of God.

Whereas the dignity of Life, Love and Aspiration is precious to me, so also is it with those whom I Serve.

Whereas the all-wise Deity has been patient and merciful unto me in my process of growing and maturing into the stature and nobility of a Child of God so also let me be patient and merciful in the expression of my Life Purpose to others.

Whereas the centering of Almighty God is in Love, so let it be with me.

Whereas the nature of God is characterized by Truth and Life, so let it be with me.

Whereas the Divine qualities and characteristics which God has revealed from within Himself to me have inspired me to the highest and the best that I know, so must it be the expression of the highest and the best that I know, from within me, which shall inspire others to the attainment of a worthy goal.

Whereas God has not imposed Himself upon me, but has freely given His bountiful Blessings to me according to my response, so would I refrain from imposing myself or my concepts of Service upon others, but, rather, give freely and selflessly of myself and my Service to others according to their response to the noble ideals of God’s Love and Truth and Life.

Whereas the evil spirits of shame, fear, hate and greed have caused divisions among men, turning men and nations in upon themselves and distorting their lives, let me never forget that only Purity can remove shame, only Love can cast out fear, only an understanding of Truth can clear away hatred, and only the spirit of God’s Givingness can banish greed, that all man-made divisions may cease and that all may see that true self-interest requires the fulfillment of the whole, that the manifestation of the wholeness of God’s Design for all mankind may establish the condition wherein I myself may be truly Whole.

Uranda, Sunrise Ranch, February 14, 1953