Our History

Since the foundation of Emissaries of Divine Light as a church in 1940, and throughout the teachings of the founder Uranda and his successor Martin Exeter, (which have been consolidated into 19 comprehensive volumes of The Third Sacred School) the core of both teaching and practice has centered on individual responsibility for the expression of the spirit of God. The animating vision is that as humans express the spirit of God — without concern for external differences such as race, philosophy or other apparent division — the unifying will of God would begin to manifest through all who shared expression of the Divine and heaven would thereby appear on earth.

Our Teaching
In our teaching, the spirit of God has seven primary qualities to practice: Patience, Tranquility, Blessing, Assurance, Radiance, Wisdom and Love. These are outlined in one of our oldest teaching documents, titled “Seven Steps to the Temple of Light.” These qualities inform our own practices and provide the basis for our support of the diverse practices of other groups demonstrating resonant values.

Even before the Emissaries of Divine Light was established as a church, our founder developed and taught a practice of subtle energy healing, in the tradition of Biblical “laying on of hands” which he called Attunement.

Our Practice
Attunement is the practice of mindfully opening to the limitless spirit of the Divine, and extending that Divine current through the hands to another with the sole intention of offering a blessing of healing, comfort, reassurance and empowerment to the recipient.

We believe the spirit of blessing is the foundation of all creative interaction, and in the prayerful practice of attunement that belief finds its apex. We seek to empower recipients – regardless of their religious doctrine or affiliation – to live lives charged with the seven sacred qualities that lead to the Temple of Light.

Although our literature concerning attunement is extensive, the above Server’s Code is representative. It outlines the attitude of humility, generosity, forgiveness and empowerment necessary to our practice.

Our Community and Allies
As distinctly individual as our spiritual practice is, our teaching specifies that the work is collective in nature, to be undertaken by practicing individuals working together to form community and what we call a “creative field”. It is to this end that we have devoted so much of our time and resources to maintaining a place where groups could immerse themselves in the atmosphere of our practice in order refresh their vision, renew their commitment, and refine and strengthen their own spiritual practice.

Our Heritage

We proudly carry a rich heritage of teaching and practice, as delivered by a number of Emissary leaders — primarily Lloyd A. Meeker, our founder, who taught under the name Uranda, and Martin Cecil, who carried on after our founder’s death in 1954.

These pages, containing excerpts from a wide range of services and classes, offer perspectives on a practical spiritual life that support individual exploration and discussion.


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